In his first album Principios, Cepeda showed that his perseverance, his song-writing abilities and his passion for new ways of communicating and creating were enough to keep his album at the #1 spot for five weeks in Spain, to get his first single ‘Esta vez’ to go platinum, and a Platinum Record for his album.

The re-edition of his first album, Nuestros principios, includes new tracks such as ‘Mi reino’ and ‘Vuela’ that hit the #1 spot on iTunes in 7 countries as soon as they came out. His unstoppable début won him the Cadena Dial Award in 2019, which secured his position as one of the most prominent artists on the Spanish music scene.

After travelling the country with over forty gigs, many of which were sold out, his first tour, Principios, won the Ticked of the Year award for the best event in Spain in 2019, and the most anticipated even in 2020 from Ticketmaster. It just goes to show that his fans (445K on Instagram and 291K on Twitter) are raring to see him on the stage, and the numbers are only growing.

On his album Con los pies en el suelo, which is both energetic and introspective in equal parts, while also eclectic and richly written, Cepeda reflects on both his circumstances but also those of his generation with their struggles and desires. A big breakout that didn’t disappoint anyone as it hit the #1 spot for sales in Spain and went straight to #1 on iTunes in Spain and 7 Latin American countries.

Right now, Cepeda is at the height of his powers as an artist and song-writer and is currently working on some new tracks. In October 2022, he brought out his latest release, Sempiterno, which includes hits such as ‘Otro día más’, ‘Qué bonito’ featuring Pepe Bernabé, ‘Nené’ and ‘Pastillas rosas’, the lead singles for the album.