Kiki Morente

Kiki Morente brought out his second album, El cante in September 2021. The young singer from Granada wants to show us a different side of traditional flamenco cante, which is his innate source of inspiration and his musical heritage. In this album, Kiki reflects on the moment that flamenco music is in right now, as well as the possibilities that music offers him for creating and composing out of a desire to make something personal and universal.

After his début album, Albayzín (2017), the youngest son of the Morente family (son of flamenco singer Enrique Morente and flamenco dancer Aurora Carbonell, brother of Estrella and Soleá) took the daring step to explore and experiment with a more electronic sound. In this project, Kiki Morente mixes the classic with the contemporary, the old with the new, leading to a unique and innovative style.

Without a shadow of a doubt, with these two albums under his belt, Kiki Morente has confirmed his place as one of the most promising artists of the new flamenco scene, and his El Cante Tour is a great opportunity to see him at some of the most important venues in Spain.