Nobak is a band made up of Carles Gallego, Gabriel Santoro, Rubén Del Mazo and Rubén Garzón (Rubo). They got their first taste of music and guitar at a young age under the influence of legendary pop-punk bands like Sum 41, Blink 182 and Simple Plan. After their first musical experiences in other groups, they came together to form Nobak in 2020 with the goal of introducing audiences to this style full of fast-paced beats and hugely catchy melodies.
The project started to take shape quickly, which took the form of their first album, Galáctica, in October 2021. The album is an energetic and punchy calling card, Nobak showing what they’re all about.

Their first steps in the music industry shored up their position as they signed with the Clipper’s Group as their publisher, label and management firm in May 2022. Subsequently, they brought out their first single on the Clipper’s Sounds label: ‘Soy’. It’s a robust song, in which they don’t just define themselves, their sound and their style, they are also marking out their path towards becoming one of the top bands in their genre on the Spanish music scene.