Spain’s Top Independent Publisher

A label with history of proven experience, Ediciones Musicales Clipper’s is the top independent music publisher in Spain. We have a catalogue of over 1.5 million songs. We manage our repertoire in Spain and abroad through our network of sub-editors.

What We Do

  • Efficiency in registering and collecting revenue from the songs in our catalogue
  • Agility in handling claims and conflict resolution
  • Punctuality and transparency in paying out our clients’ royalties
  • Legal guidance
  • Dynamism and efficiency in synchronisation rights and licences. We offer our catalogue to advertising agencies and film and TV production companies.
  • Licences for using tracks in films, TV programmes, adverts, online videos and sheet music.
  • Selection of in-house artists available for bespoke compositions for any project.
  • We can tap into your repertoire to give it more visibility.
  • We are rights holders, and our huge catalogue will have the perfect song for any advert, film, series, videogame or any other audio-visual project.

International publishing

Our vast knowledge of the sector means that we can offer personalised service as label representatives both in Spain and abroad.

National publishing

Our experience means that we can offer the best representation service as a label in the regions we cover.


The music for your advert, film, trailer, videogame or any other project that needs the perfect song.