After his musical career took off with his singles ‘Traidora’, the hit ‘Lunares’ and ‘Mi favorita’ or ‘Canciones al alba’, in 2022, Jxta Martín is well on the way to a solid career with ‘Destino’ and ‘No me llames más’, among others. With his mix of electropop with flamenco roots, Jxta Martín has managed to captivate loyal fans who have made him into a viral sensation (over 61.4K followers on TikTok, 32.3K on Instagram and 20.8K on YouTube). In 2021, he was the supporting act for Antonio Orozco on his latest tour and performed in the Village space at the prestigious Cap Roig Festival. Jxta Martín has been putting on his live show across Spain, showing us all that he’s learnt in venues around Valencia. There’s no doubt that this will be the definitive step that launches his career, connecting him with his audiences through his music and his voice.