With millions of plays across the main digital platforms, Wise is cementing his position as a promising new artist on the drill, trap and urban scene.

With his roots in the French Caribbean (the islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe), having lived in Paris, Ibiza and Barcelona, Wise has carved out an authentic personality and his own brand of maturity that few artists achieve by the time they reach 19. At the tender age of 15, he made his first steps in the music industry with his début single entitled ‘Siendo el mismo’, displaying a huge range of registers and perfect mastery of various languages such as French, English and Spanish.

Wise is the embodiment of sincerity, freshness and talent. He has won his audience over with various songs such as ‘Bagdad’, ‘Billetes’, ‘Priorizar’ and ‘Movidas’, as well as his collabs with artists such as Beny Jr on ’12 AM’ and ‘Xiaomi’, which have hit 5 million views on YouTube.