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Granada-born singer and songwriter Miriam Sae has joined efforts with Valencian artist Jxta Martin to release a new single titled Una vida sin ti, kicking off the year wonderfully.

The song is a rollercoaster of emotions, a musical journey that takes you from the deepest nostalgia to the most elegant sophistication. With shades of modern pop, Miriam Sae and Jxta Martin have managed to create a catchy track with enveloping rhythms, with lyrics that everyone can relate to.

Miriam Sae and Jxta Martin have taken transitions and verses to a whole new level. Their artistic charisma intertwines in a surprising way, creating a combination that leaves you wanting more.

The musical production is by Manu Quiros, who has managed to capture the essence and magic of Una vida sin ti. The music video, created by Nanoproductions, plays with the feeling of finding your first love again.

The year 2024 has just begun, and Miriam Sae and Jxta Martin are here to make it even more memorable with Una vida sin ti.