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The rock band Montana has just announced and sold tickets for the concerts they will be giving during 2024 as part of Girando Por Salas, the programme aimed at supporting popular music in Spain of the Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM) of the Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte, in collaboration with the Federación Coordinadora del Circuito de Músicas Populares (FCMP).

Montana is part of the 14th edition of the Girando Por Salas (GPS) cycle with a selection of twenty-two groups and soloists of different musical styles who have been chosen to participate in this programme. In this edition, the group formed by Rober Une, Guillermo Shelly, Ekain Alzola, Dani Thomas and Jon Fresko has been selected out of eight hundred and sixty-eight participants who followed the rules of the call for entries.

Montana presents itself as a “force of nature” that is here to remain on the music scene. Their music, as the band members describe it, “cannot be explained, it can only be felt”. It is a band that is characterised by its ability to blend diverse musical influences into a sound that is uniquely their own. The band has created an elegant musical proposal, with incisive lyrics and a mixture of multiple styles that we will be enjoying in live performances over the next year thanks to Girando Por Salas:

15.03 Sala Baranda (Ourense)
16.03 Kominsky (Vigo)
12.04 Sala Asklepios (Valladolid)
13.04 Sound Club (Cáceres)
17.05 La Ley Seca (Zaragoza)
18.05 Zentral Kafé Teatro (Pamplona)

The band will perform in these cities their first album Sin La Red and unreleased songs that will be launched during 2024. You can already buy your tickets in the ‘Tickets’ section of this website.