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Rock band Montana has premiered a new single today on all digital platforms, titled “Tú”, in collaboration with Gabriel de la Rosa, renowned singer of the band Shinova. The song, titled with the simple pronoun “Tú”, promises to be an emotive indie-rock anthem.

With lyrics that evoke deep emotions and a captivating melody, “Tú” takes listeners on an emotional journey through nostalgia, love and loss. Gabriel de la Rosa’s voice intertwines with Montana’s energy, creating a most interesting combination.

The lyrics of “Tú” tell a story of love and longing, capturing the essence of shared memories and the difficulty of moving on when a loved one is no longer present. With verses such as “If you’re not there, there’s no sky to compensate with its blue”, the song conveys the deep sense of emptiness left by the absence of someone who was by your side in the past.

The music video for “Tú”, recorded with the production and promotion support of Girando Por Salas, was filmed in the Neberondo recreational area (La Nevera), located in the Urkiola Natural Park, in Durango, and is an audiovisual work by the production company GatoBala Films.

In the words of Guillermo Shelly, member of Montana, “Working with Gabriel has been an incredible experience, and we are sure that the public will enjoy this collaboration as much as we enjoyed creating it”.

On the other hand, Montana is making progress on their 2024 concert tour within the #GPS14 programme of Girando Por Salas, through which they will play next May 17th at La Ley Seca in Zaragoza and on May 18th at Teatro Zentral Café in Pamplona. They will also perform in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao in the coming months, as well as at various national festivals.