Born in Granada in 2000, Miriam Sae took to the stage for the first time at the tender age of 3. Since then, she’s never stopped working and learning, both in terms of music and dance. In 2016, she launched her solo career in collaboration with international artists such as Morente, Carlos Aganzo, Soleá and Yuri Wong, as well as many others.

In March 2020, Miriam Sae released her début album, Robotizados, a clear message to young people of her generation reflecting on the use of mass technology and taking a stand for women. A runner up in the 3rd edition of the Hebe Awards in Granada, the young artist has graced the stages of huge festivals both in Spain and abroad, in countries such as Morocco, Mexico and Italy.

Now, in 2022, she has brought out, ‘Demasiado para ti’, produced by Albert Solà, Leo Rizzi’s guitarist, working hand-in-hand to come up with a catchy and very current pop sound.

Aged just 22, Miriam Sae uses this song to tell about her personal experience with her own fresh voice that audiences connect with immediately. ‘Demasiado para ti’ is a completely new tone for the music industry.

With the support of the Clipper’s Group, the young artist will be working on her live show and new releases, setting out on the path towards a solid and promising musical career.